The professionals at CATERTAINMENT.CA will accompany you in every way to help you plan the perfect wedding. Our wedding planning specialists will work with you to develop your unique vision for that special day. We provide expert advice in conceptualizing your idea, and support you in every step on the way to realize it.

Our services include developing a unique style or theme for you reception, and range from creating invitations, choosing a location, managing your guest list, organizing the floor plan, choosing flowers and decoration, live entertainment, DJs, the wedding cake, bonbonnieres and beyond. The advantage of having a team of specialists at your service is that your idea will be optimized and transformed into a coherent and beautiful reception that is perfectly fit to your tastes and desires. We are here to cater to your every whim, and our services are available à la carte, depending on your needs. Don’t wait and contact us for a free consultation.